The Bakery Meets the Bar

More Cupcakes offers alcohol-laced desserts

Come Friday, after a long hard week at the office, everyone could use a stiff ... cupcake?

More Cupcakes (One East Delaware Place) feels your stress, and in return, offers a one-of-a-kind "Cocktail Cupcake Happy Hour."

Every Friday from 5 to 6 p.m., sugar fiends and boozers alike can line up to nibble down on Rothman's infamous "moresels" (a.k.a. the mini-cupcake). The bakery meets the bar with 'cakes like the Cubra Libre, made with actual rum, the Pomegranate Martini made with a whole lotta' vodka, and perhaps the strongest of all, the Margarita made with tequila cake, tequila frosting and topped with a pinch of rock salt.

And while getting an actual buzz may seem like a stretch, these sweet little guys pack a real punch. And the sweetest part of the deal? They're complimentary.

This sassy innovation shouldn't surprise anyone who's followed owner Patty Rothman's cupcake career. Since opening in the Gold Coast less than a year ago, More has earned a national reputation for reinventing the dessert, with savory selections such as the Foie Gras cupcake, the BLT cupcake and the Truffle White Cheddar cupcake.

And her sweet and savory treats -- well, they verge on food-gasmic. That's all we'll say about that ...

Whoever said "less is more" has obviously never been to More.

Jessica, founder of, is still nursing her sugar-coma-hangover from too many Lemon Drop cupcakes last Friday. Seriously.

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