Larry Hughes Should Pack His Bags

League sources say Hughes is headed to New Jersey.

Did you feel a change in the air today? Something different, something that signaled that better days will come? You might think that it was the inauguration of our 44th president, Barack Obama. However, if you're a Bulls fan, a double dose of change is on the way. The Bulls are in talks to send whiny, cry-baby Larry Hughes out to New Jersey in a trade for Chicago native and DePaul standout Bobby Simmons.

Simmons, a 6-6 forward, has had a rough season for the Nets but has shown signs of improvement, including a 9 point, 19 rebound game against Milwaukee at the beginning of January. But this trade is not so much about what the Bulls would gain in Simmons as it is about the dead weight they would lose by getting rid of Hughes.

On a team that has been described as selfish, heartless and pathetic, Hughes has been the crown jewel of the team's problems. His constant trade demands, complaints about playing time and delusions about his abilities would be funny if they weren't so detrimental to the team. Then after his comments about how he wants to play for another team, he couches it in the idea he just wants what's best for the team, all the while not understanding that he isn't always the best option for the team.

Hughes leaving town is long overdue, considering his complaints, whines and trade demands. Yes, a change is coming to the Berto Center, and it is fueled by the Bulls sending Larry Hughes to the Garden State. Say it with us, John Paxson, "Yes we can get rid of whiny cry-babies!"

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