‘Baracklyn' Cyclones Ready to Take Field in Brooklyn for One Game

I'm not exactly sure what the award is for the guy that figures out a sports team's PERFECT PROMOTION, but whoever came up with this one should have the award on lock-down for the next four years.

The Brooklyn Cyclones, a single-A farm club for the Mets and Brooklyn's first pro baseball team since the Dodgers jumped ship back in '58, have decided that since Brooklyn starts with a "B", and so does our incoming president, perfect gets a chance to meet storm.

The squad has decided that for one game on June 23, the Cyclones will be known as the Baracklyn Cyclones, and don red, white and blue jerseys with Obama's name stitched on the front. Oh, and this part of the release kills me:

Can a minor league team change the name of baseball's most legendary borough? YES WE CAN!

Not only can you attend a "Baracklyn" game, but the first 2,500 fans that show up will get a free Barack Obama bobble-head, and the first 1,000 people at the game get free Band-Aids!!!

I have to say, as a person who may or may not have voted for Barack, it is at times like this I am glad he won. Could you imagine a John McCain bobblehead? That thing would just be scary.

h/t Ufford at With Leather

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