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Chicago Officials Stress No Threat to Chicago in Wake of Pipe Bombs Sent to Prominent Figures

What to Know

  • Officials are investigating pipe bombs sent to the Clintons, Obamas, George Soros, CNN, Eric Holder and Rep. Maxine Waters
  • Seven parcels had a return address linking to a high-profile Democratic party member; at least one of them also had a white powder envelope
  • The flurry of incidents come less than 48 hours after bomb was planted in mailbox at billionaire philanthropist Soros' NY home

Pipe bombs were recently sent to CNN and prominent Democrats, including former President Barack Obama, causing officials in Chicago to respond to the threats.

Officials stressed Thursday there have been no credible threats made to the Obama’s Hyde Park home, Chicago or any other politicians here. Both Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Sen. Dick Durbin condemned the bomb scare and divisiveness.

"I hope the last 24 hours is a wake up call," Emanuel said. "That stirring dark forces leads people to a place we don't want to send them."

Emanuel also called on the president to speak as a "patriot" and "not a nationalist."

Durbin said he has not received any potentially explosive devices.

He said those in politics need to be more careful of the words they use including the president.

Durbin said civility starts by example and we all have a part to play.

"We’ve got to be respectable of people on the other side politically," he said. "And this notion that anything goes is not doing any favors to our democracy."

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