Chicago Needs a Hero

After a bad 48 hours for the city, we need sports to pull us out of this funk.

Chicago is in a bad place right now. The governor of our fine state was just arrested. Santo didn't make the Hall of Fame. Our largest newspaper filed for bankruptcy. Derrick Rose had a Michael Scott-like injury. The weather is even terrible. That afterglow from the Obama election is long gone. We need to get pulled out of this funk. We need to spend the days doing something better than scouring the Blagojevich indictment. We need sports.

Sports are a wonderful diversion and they have helped our country and our city in bad times in the past. Tonight, when we get home from a miserable commute through snow and sleet, we will want to sit on our couches and enjoy something other than clips of Patrick Fitzgerald's and Patrick Quinn's news conferences. We need to see the Bulls beat the New York Knicks to a pulp. Beating New York in any sport is always enjoyable for Chicagoans, but now, it's even more important. We need Rose to help us forget Rod.

The Blackhawks can do their part, too. A win over the Senators on Wednesday night will refresh and rejuvenate hockey fans from Deerfield to Dolton. The Blackhawks have had an impressive season thus far and are in second place in the Central division, but we need more. We need a win over the Senators and a push to catch up with the first-place Red Wings.

On Thursday, the Bears can finish up a trifecta of sports-healing. They will play the New Orleans Saints, and must win to keep their playoff hopes alive. More than that, they have to win for us, the little people. If Devin Hester is going to finally break through for a kick return touchdown, or if Kyle Orton is planning a spectacular performance, Thursday would be a good night to make that happen.

Sure, it's a great deal of responsibility to put on the shoulders of a sports team. They don't have the power to appoint a senator, get Santo in the hall or bring the sun out from behind the clouds. But they do have the power to make us stand up and cheer, and right now, Chicago could use that.

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