Cedric Benson Thinks He's Better Than Matt Forte

Former Bears RB says he'd have 1,800 yards by now

For those people who live in Chicago and the rest of Illinois, hearing men say incredible things and hosting delusions of grandeur is nothing new.  You need not look past events of the last week and the state's wonderful Governor Rod Blagojevich for a perfect example.  After hearing of the things Blagojevich said in recorded phone conversations -- Blago's language was enough to make Ozzie Guillen blush -- and what he was trying to do with the state's open senate seat, there probably isn't much anybody can say to shock an Illinoisan right now.

Or at least one would think so.

Turns out there are some things that can be said that are more shocking than anything we hear come out of Blago's mouth -- who didn't think he was crooked in the first place? -- or anyone's mouth for that matter.  Former Chicago Bearsrunning back Cedric Benson is currently toiling in the backfield of the 1-11-1 Cincinnati Bengals.  When he's not taking three steps and falling down for the Bengals or getting pepper sprayed on a boat, it appears that Cedric is spending a lot of time watching his former team, and he has a few opinions on them.

What does he think of his replacement Matt Forte?  Cedric thinks Matt's great, just not as good as he is.

"He is having a great year, but when I see the highlights, I see holes," Benson told NFL.com's Thomas George. "I see them using him in the slot, something they didn't do with me. If I was there right now with the holes I see, I probably would have 1,800 yards. I definitely would have 1,500. I congratulate him on all of his success. He is taking advantage."

Yes, Cedric Benson thinks he could have 1,800 yards rushing with the Bears right now.  The same Cedric Benson who only totaled 1,593 in three seasons toting the rock for the Bears, and only has 392 yards this season with the Bengals.   Somebody should probably tell Cedric that the Bears never used him in the slot because they never saw any evidence he could take more than five steps without falling down, let alone run a route.

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