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At the beginning of every summer, you get excited to plan your pilgrimage up to Highland Park for the Ravinia music festival

You've got great intentions to finally buy a bonafide picnic basket and make some real gourmet dishes to pass with your friends, rather than grabbing a greasy bag of KFC and hopping on the Metra like you've done every previous year.

Perhaps most importantly, you've told yourself that you're going to buy your tickets in advance this year, so you don't end up settling for any old performance just so you can eat dinner on the lawn.  Get online or hop on the phone now for tickets; Carrie Underwood's two shows Aug. 30 and 31 are already sold-out, and Steve Miller (July 17), John Legend (July 21) and Jackson Browne (July 30) are soon to sell out.  Also predicted to sell out in advance: Gipsy Kings (June 6), BoDeans (June 13), Indigo Girls (June 26), The Beach Boys (July 14) and Pat Benatar/Blondie (Aug. 17). 

Either in the Pavillion or on the lawn, don't worry. You won't want to miss this season with the new Jumbo-trons, so act now.

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