Sore Losers? GOP Keeps Mocking Barack

GOP still maintains fake profile site for President-elect

During Barack Obama's campaign, he was accused of having a number of associations with questionable characters. Even though he won the election, those allegations have not lightened up any.

In July, the Republican National Committee launched the website, a fake profile page that mimics the popular social networking site Facebook. The website is continually maintained and updated, listing supposed friends of Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

People in Obama's "friends" list include familiar names like Senator Chris Dodd, former Weather Underground member William Ayers, and the community-based organization ACORN. Mayor Richard M. Daley and are recent additions.

Several of the "profiles" quote various news articles and even include videos. On Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich's "profile," a Chicago Sun-Times piece quotes him as saying, "Tony Rezko was a friend who helped me. He helped Senator [Barack] Obama. He helped [Illinois Attorney General] Lisa Madigan. ... He helped all kinds of political figures."

According to the Chicago Tribune, a GOP official claims the site has been visited nearly 380,000 times. And in case you're wondering, Obama does have a real Facebook profile, which lists over 3 million registered supporters.

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