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Rahm Emanuel Snubbing Luis Guiterrez?



    Rep. Luis Gutierrez fields reporters' questions about why White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel hasn't included him on calls about his possible candidacy for Chicago's mayor. "You'd have to ask him," said Gutierrez. (Published Monday, Sept. 27, 2010)

    Rahm Emanuel hasn't called Congressman Luis Guiterrez.

    The White House chief of staff has been calling would-be mayoral candidates in an apparent bid to test the waters for a mayoral run but Guiterrez, a leading Hispanic voice in the city and potential candidate, hasn't received a call.

    Guiterrez, though, is no fan of Emanuel.

    "I don't believe he has helped immigration reform," he said after speaking at an event to assist victims of recent flooding.

    As to whether he's running, Guiterrez says he's "excited about the prospects" but right now he is busy with immigration reform in Congress.

    When asked whether the bevy of potential Latino candidates for mayor made for a crowded field, Guiterrez said "it would be a mistake to think there are too many."