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Duckworth Double Dipped on Tax Exemption



    Tammy Duckworth, the 8th District congressional candidate running against Joe Walsh, typically receives glowing press.

    Some of that is due to her war hero credentials and general popularity, some of that is due to the fact that she's running against foot-in-mouth-specialis Joe Walsh.

    On Thursday, Duckworth actually got hit with a negative story. Gasp!

    The Associate Press reports that Duckworth has a little tax problem.

    Congressional candidate Tammy Duckworth improperly claimed two homeowner exemptions from 2007 to 2010.

    The (Arlington Heights) Daily Herald reported Thursday that the Democrat claimed homestead exemptions in both DeKalb County and Cook County, where she now lives. The newspaper cites county and federal records.

    Illinois law allows residents to claim the exemption on their primary residence to reduce the amount of property taxes owed.

    The DeKalb exemption was filed first, and county officials say such exemptions are automatically renewed unless residents notify the assessor's office that they've changed their main address.

    A spokeswoman says Duckworth was unaware that she'd been claiming the exemptions simultaneously. Duckworth says she'll pay the approximately $1,900 she saved over the four years and a late fee.