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Blagojevich Wishes Items Weren't Auctioned



    Blagojevich Wishes Items Weren't Auctioned
    Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich talks to the media at the Federal Court building, Tuesday, Aug. 17, 2010, in Chicago, next to his wife Patti.

    Rod Blagojevich wishes many items sold by a storage facility recently hadn't been auctioned, according to the former governor's publicist.

    But Blago didn't specifically say which items. Blago and Patti were "unaware specifically of what had been in storage until the items were auctioned," said publicist Glenn Selig.

    The storage facility held the autcion because the unit hadn't been paid for in more than a year. The Blagojeviches had "no idea" money was due, said Selig.

    Among the buyers at the auction was Northwestern University, which came away with 18 boxes of Blagojevich's former files. Some of those files include documents from Blagojevich's time as a practicing attorney, which the university plans to return to the former governor.