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Blagojevich Lawyers File for Dismissal



    Blagojevich Lawyers File for Dismissal
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    Blago Saga Continues |
    Deputy Governor Robert Greenlee testified that Rod would hide in bathrooms to avoid discussing complex issues. Other tapes played portrayed Blago as a foul-mouthed, brooding governor.

    Attorneys for Rod Blagojevich say the government has not even come close to proving their case, and in a new filing today, have asked the judge to dismiss the charges against the former governor without the necessity of even presenting a defense.

    "Even when considered in the light most favorable to the government, the evidence presented in this case does not rise to guilt beyond a reasonable doubt," the Blagojevich defense team said in a directed verdict of acquittal motion.

    The motion is standard procedure.

    They go on to charge that the government charged at least one count for which they presented no evidence during trial, and promise to elaborate further in a filing yet to come.

    Directed verdict motions are rarely successful, and the judge has already indicated that the defense should plan on presenting a case.