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A Birthday Wish List for Mayor Emanuel

Nov. 29th is Mayor Rahm Emanuel's birthday



    Today, November 29th, is Rahm Emanuel’s birthday.

    Happy 54th Birthday, Mr. Mayor.

    As someone who understands what it’s like to have your birthday right around the holidays, I know that sometimes your special day can get lost in the shuffle.

    For example, sometimes friends plan other, holiday-related activities on your big day and forget about you.

    Or your family tries to double up on presents, claiming everything they get you serves two purposes.

    At work, co-workers end up sticking your name on already-planned office holiday parties, claiming “Oh, this is for you, too.”

    In an attempt to make sure your birthday is as happy as can be, I’ve created a little wish list of the presents I would get you if I hadn’t, you know, already made other plans.

    So, here are my top ten presents I wish I could get for Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s birthday: