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Preckwinkle's Replacement Approved



    Preckwinkle's Replacement Approved
    Toni Preckwinkle won the election for Cook County Board, claming 68-percent of the vote.

    City Council has approved three new Chicago aldermen, the Chicago Tribunereports.

    Shirley Newsome, 65, will take over the 4th Ward seat Thursday while Jason Ervin, 36, and Timothy Cullerton, 61, will take over the 28th and 38th Ward seats, respectively, according to a WBBM report. The three will replace former alderman Toni Preckwinkle in the 4th Ward, Ed Smith in the 28th Ward and Tom Allen in the 38th Ward.

    Newsome is the board chairman of the North Kenwood-Oakland Conservation Community Council. Ervin has been the village manager of Maywood and Cullerton, son of former longtime alderman Thomas Cullerton, has served as the first deputy building commissioner in the Department of Buildings.

    While Ervin and Cullerton plan to run for full aldermanic terms, Newsome does not. Mayor Daley has emphasized that their interim appointments are not endorsements, WBBM reports.