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Boozer on Rose: 'He Looks Good to Me'

After the first few days of training camp, Carlos Boozer says Derrick Rose's game is much improved



    Derrick Rose has said he’s ready to play, and from the response of his teammates after the first few days of training camp, he apparently looks the part. Just ask Carlos Boozer.

    “He came in almost like he never left," Carlos Boozer said after Monday’s practice. “It’s smooth. He did a great job being in shape, we did a great job of being in shape so we can get up the floor with him.”

    Rose said he added 10 pounds of muscle to his frame while rehabbing his knee, making him feel stronger and more explosive. But he also has commented on improving his jumpshot. Boozer says he has seen both improvements in practice thus far.

    “He is stronger and his accuracy from outside has gotten a lot better, which is going to be scary. I think he’s still quick and super athletic, but you guys will see it soon.’’

    The Bulls open their preseason slate on Saturday, giving everyone an opportunity to see the former MVP back in action. Rose has said he developed a greater understanding of the game and playing the point guard position in his time away, and it seems he’s ready to jump back into the driver's seat and lead this team.

    “He’s hitting shots, making plays for us, making it look really easy. He’s leading the break in transition, doing a great job of setting us in our plays," Boozer said. "These are like the practice tests and the preseason exams. When the season starts that’s when the tests are real, so it’s a progression. Like I said, we’re not going to skip any steps, but he looks good to me.”