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"Captain Serious" Tranforms Into "Captain Selfie"

Jonathon Toews takes massive selfie at Blackhawks Convention



    Jonathon Toews takes massive selfie at Blackhawks Convention. (Published Friday, July 18, 2014)

    Jonathon Toews is an no-nonsense kind of guy, which is why he's the perfect player to lead the Chicago Blackhawks.

    His all-business approach to hockey also extends to social media -- which he doesn't participate in.

    That's why the fans went crazy at the Blackhawks convention Friday when "Captain Serious" took a massive selfie on stage.

    "I don't do this all the time, I'm not really a selfie guy, but I want you guys to go crazy, we're going to take a selfie together right now," Toews said to the screaming masses.

    "I don't have Twitter either, so I think the Blackhawks will tweet that out later," Toews said after snapping the pic.

    Captain Selfie indeed.