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Who Will Step Up on D Against the Giants?



    The Bears will make another primetime appearance this Sunday, this time facing the 1-2 New York Giants. So far this season, the undefeated Bears have been defensive juggernauts, but who will step up this week?

    Julius Peppers: Though Peppers has been a monster on offense, he has only had one sack. Previously, he has averaged 10 sacks per season. Considering Eli Manning has been taken down 7 times already this season, this could be the week that Peppers breaks loose.

    Lance Briggs or Brian Urlacher
    : These two are the heart of the Bears' offense, leading the team in tackles and broken up passes. Urlacher has the Bears one other sack. Can they keep it up one more week?

    Tommie Harris: If getting benched against the Packers doesn't light a fire under former Pro Bowler Tommie Harris -- who has one tackle this season -- nothing will. Sunday's game will be the true test.

    None of the above
    : One of the fun things about the Bears this year is that it hasn't just been about the stars. Tim Jennings, D.J. Moore, Matt Toeina and others have played crucial roles in the Bears not yet losing a game.