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Who Played the Most in '10?



    The Chicago Tribune took an exhaustive look at the Bears playing time during 2010, pointing out statistical facts from the team that should play into their strategy moving forward.

    -- While Jay Cutler took 90 percent of the Bears snaps, Caleb Hanie took just three percent. Hanie has not been given enough time to develop into a strong number two, and is not a guarantee to come back in 2011. That means the Bears need to look for a veteran back-up, because developing a back-up QB through the draft does not seem a viable option if he can't ever get on the field.

    -- In case the 57 times that Jay Cutler was sacked weren't enough of a hint, the playing time and age of the offensive line will clue you in that the Bears need to draft young offensive line talent. Olin Kreutz played every snap on offense, as did Frank Omiyale. The cohesion between Cutler and Kreutz made for few fumbled handoffs, but will also wear down the 33-year-old Kreutz.

    -- Corey Graham played the most and was the most productive on special teams. He was on the field 83.7 percent of the time and led the team with tackles. Unfortunately, he doesn't want to be relegated to special teams, and the chances we'll see Graham as a Bear next season are slim.

    -- Though Chester Taylor produced little by way of yardage, he did aid in keeping Matt Forte healthy by shouldering 30 percent of the running back's playing time.

    -- The Bears linebackers were so good because there wasn't much turnover. Brian Urlacherwas on field 98 percent of the time while Lance Briggs was there 85 percent, even though he missed a game. Cohesion mattered for Briggs and Urlacher.

    The entire series is a worth a read. Check it out, Bears fans.

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