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Where's Cutler?



    Chicago Bears players have not been difficult to find during the lockout.

    Johnny Knox is working out in the northern suburbs.

    Greg Olsen and Matt Forte are in Miami with Chad Ochocinco

    Rashied Davis is trying to get his teammates together to run passing routes.

    Who haven't we heard from?

    Jay Cutler, the quarterback who was taken out of the Bears last playoff game. Cutler's toughness was questioned after that game, even though it was Lovie Smith who had pulled Cutler. The criticism appeared to upset Cutler, who was later found to have a Grade II MCL sprain.

    Since then, Cutler has been spotted in Los Angeles with his girlfriend, reality TV star Kristin Cavalleri. Laudably, he took a humanitarian trip to Kenya, visited an elementary school and accompanied Cavalleri to a movie premiere. (OK, that last one isn't so laudable. Taking a beautiful woman in a short, tight dress to a movie premiere isn't exactly charity work.)

    What we haven't heard reports on is if Cutler has followed his teammates' lead to the gym.

    He's under no obligation to work out. He's a grown man who is, for all intents and purposes, unemployed. He doesn't have to spend his time or money working out, and if he does spend time in a gym, he's under no obligation to broadcast that fact to the entire world.

    But considering how the criticism of his NFL-mates affected him in the past, Cutler is missing out on a huge opportunity to impress and shake the "toughness question" off his back. Work out while the paparazzi -- the same ones who followed him as he shopped with his girlfriend -- take pictures. Make sure that anyone who uttered a word of criticism sees it.