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Trade Lovie for Fisher? The Numbers Don't Add Up



    Jeff Fisher and Vince Youngare not getting along in Tennessee, and it's doubtful that both of them are going to be with the Titans by the end of the year. If Fisher is the one to go, should the Bears jettison Lovie Smith to go after him?

    My first instinct would be yes. He's a better coach than Smith, right? Fisher played for the Bears for four years, on the same teams as Walter Payton and Mike Singletary, though he wasn't on the Super Bowl-winning team.

    Then when he became a coach, he quickly rose through the ranks and became a head coach by the time he was 37. During 17 years with the Oilers/Titans, he has won four divisional titles and brought the team to the Super Bowl in 1999. Not to mention, he has the best mustache this side of Mike Ditka, putting him in line with the Chicago championship mustache corollary.

    But when you put the two side by side, it's hard to justify firing Lovie in favor of Fisher. Sentimentality aside, Smith has produced more results than Fisher. His winning percentage is a few thousandths a point better than Fisher, and in six seasons, he has three divisional titles and a trip to the Super Bowl.

    Bears fans are impatient. We want a Super Bowl win, and we want it now. And though Lovie Smith has been frustrating at times, he still finds a way to win. Fisher, though a bigger name, hasn't been as successful. Isn't winning the only thing?