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Sit or Start: Which Bears Have Fantasy Value This Weekend



    Sit or Start: Which Bears Have Fantasy Value This Weekend
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    Johnny Knox

    How many of you have been in this situation? Your opponent has a Bear on his team. Let's say it's Matt Forte. You know Forte is good, but you are confident in your team. Forte starts the game off with two touchdowns and 101 yards. You're ecstatic! You're a Bears fan! We love running touchdowns, and we needed this win. In this elation, you completely forget about fantasy football. At halftime, you check your fantasy team.

    Matt Forte has kicked your team's butt. What do you do? Cross your fingers that the Bears have scored enough to win, and that Forte takes a break during the second half? Forget about your fantasy team and say go Bears? Consider that dilemma and read on for sit and start.


    Johnny Knox: Grizzly Detail has the exclusive on Knox's reaction* to Jay Cutler's return. "WOOOOOOOOO!" Knox has been Cutler's second favorite target. Matt Forte gets the ball thrown to him more, but it's Knox who Cutler trusts to haul in the long passes that help you rack up fantasy points.
    *We're paraphrasing and possibly overstating his reaction here.

    Start, with a caveat:

    Defense: Lance Briggs has missed practices this week with an ankle injury, so the defense may be without one of its more important leaders. However, the Seahawks are in the bottom half of the league in all offensive categories. Quarterback Matt Hasselback has been sacked nine times this season, and Israel Idonije and Julius Peppers will look to add to that. Here's the caveat: some leagues add special teams to defense scoring. If that's your league, don't rely on the Bears D/ST to score big points. The Seahawks have Leon Washington, their very own Devin Hester. He has 404 yards and two touchdowns on kickoff returns.


    Jay Cutler: In any other situation, we would happily say, "Start!" because the Seahawks have a terrible passing defense. However, quarterbacks returning from concussions are a gamble. Will Cutler hit Knox and Devin Hester for long bombs? Absolutely. But at the same time, he will likely throw interceptions, especially if he is throwing too quickly to avoid a sack. If your league penalizes for turnovers, stay away.