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Grizzly Bears and Teddy Bears: Best and Worst of Sunday's Mauling



    Grizzly Bears and Teddy Bears: Best and Worst of Sunday's Mauling
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    Jay Cutler

    The Bears won and did it with style on Sunday, beating the Cowboys on the road 27-20. Who were the best and worst of the game?

    Grizzly Bears: The Bears who mauled the competition

    Jay Cutler
    : The quarterback not only had a statistically great day -- his quarterback rating was an unreal 136.7 -- but he also turned things around after getting beaten up by the Cowboys defensive line. That sort of character inspires as much confidence as does his ability to throw the ball downfield.

    Johnny Knox: The receiver started the game off well in front of home-state fans (he's a Texas boy), returning the opening kick-off for 42 yards. He followed that up with four catches for 86 yards, including a 59-yard bomb that put the Bears in perfect position for Devin Hester's sweet touchdown. After the game, he reached 5,000 followers on Twitter. It was a good day for No. 13. *Devin Hester deserves an honorable mention, too.

    D.J. Moore: Though Cutler is the Vanderbilt grad who gets the bigger spotlight, Moore represented the Commodores well on Sunday. He picked off Tony Romo twice, and both interceptions set the Bears up for field goals. He also had a hand in the fumble that iced the game for Chicago.

    Coaching staff: In last week's win over the Lions, Lovie Smith and Bears coaches were inept, making bad play calls and terrible decisions. This week, they were smart and nimble. Martz altered the Bears passing attack in light of the Cowboys crushing defense. Lovie Smith went for it on fourth and inches near the end of the first half. Unlike the previous week, he didn't stick with the same play, instead using the quarterback sneak to get the first down. This time, the possession ended with the Bears kicking a field goal.

    Teddy Bears: The cuddly, adorable but ineffective Bears

    Julius Peppers: The Cowboys put two linemen on the DT, making him statistically inconsequential in the Bears big win. At the same time, drawing the double team opened up the rest of the Bears defense, so a lack of stats does not mean that the player doesn't contribute.

    Chris Williams: The left tackle started the game by allowing the Cowboy's DeMarcus Ware to sprint toward his quarterback on consecutive plays. His tweaked hamstring turned into a blessing for the Bears and Cutler who stayed upright for the rest of the game.