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April 5 - April 9

Updated 7:59 AM CDT, Fri, Apr 9, 2010

Monday, April 5

KFC's "Double Down" sandwich, which replaces bread with fried chicken, will arrive in the Chicago-area in a week. 

A man throws off his red parka and pants in an instant.

A woman who had a wisdom teeth pulled earns the nickname unicorn girl in a viral video.

Harvard's women's sailing team retaliates against the men's team and releases its own video poses as guys.

A basketball player shoots from a building's roof and around a parking lot and scores!

A cat craves the attention of its distracted owner.

Dozens of Utah students recreate Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night" masterpiece with two tons of cereal.

Republicans and democrats differ not only on politics but sports.

A little girl finds President Obama's rally boring.

Tuesday, April 6

Dr. Steve Brule is coming to Ch. 5 with a new medical show.

A singer takes on the duet of "Endless Song."

A speaker can't figure out how to use a microphone.

Pay $30 and turn your old sweater into a "re-knit" item.

One guy beats his IPAD into pieces and another blends the trendy device.

An acapella group "rickrolls" on a NYC subway car.

Malia Obama is caught yawning while her mother, the first lady, reads to kids.

It appears President Obama is making fun of his wife's excitement over Justin Bieber.

Michelle Obama rocks out to the teen sensation during Bieber's concert.

Get your Patrick Swayze fix and watch "Dirty Dancing" on YouTube or Hulu for free.


 Wednesday, April 7

Recycle or donate your cell phone at the following locations

A young man belts out "I Will Always Love You."

Kate Gosselin's dancing is getting a lot of criticism.

A reporter interviews a young zombie, who likes turtles.

Check out the "Salamander" song.

Pixar will show how its animators create their characters on YouTube.

A trailer stuck in an alley is ripped to pieces.

A federal ruling could mean higher internet fees for heavy users.

IPads can stay in your bags at airports.

Change your font to save money on printing.

Michelle Obama's parents thought their daughter would "eat (Barack Obama) alive" after meeting him for the first time.


Thursday, April 8

A Botox doctor promises good looks and a better life because of ...well, good looks.

"Growing Pains" dad, Alan Thicke, sings and dances on a TV show in viral video.

A dad learns he's too big to play with his kids' swingset.

A man doing push-ups bangs his head up against a box repeatedly.

A clever apartment finding puts a kitty in its own set of wheels.

Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol, talks about the consequences of teen pregnancy in a new public service announcement.

Citibank executives asked if they lost any sleep over Wall Street's financial collapse

Overheating IPads are shutting themselves down.

Metal domes sitting in direct sunlight  pose a burning danger for kids at NYC playgrounds. 

Friday, April 9

A little boy sings Lady Gaga's hit "Bad Romance" using a banana as his microphone.

Nicolas Cage recites the alphabet.

A woman meltdowns at Boston's Logan Airport.

A commercial advertises ugly furniture.

Kids sing about liking pizza.

A pelican attacks a man targeting his crotch.

A leaping lizard attacks an anchor.

Ellen DeGeneres gets a kick out being a category on the "Family Feud."

Someone screws up the spelling on the jersey of San Francisco Giants Outfielder Eugenio Velez.

Ben Stein raps on the CBS "Early Show."

A girl misses rebound and tries to dunk off her teammate's back.

First Published: Apr 5, 2010 5:40 AM CDT

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