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Pfleger Urges Archdiocese to Ban Guns in Church

Outspoken priest runs into resistance to proposal



    (Published Friday, Aug. 1, 2014)

    Father Michael Pfleger is urging the Archdiocese of Chicago to take a stronger stance on guns.

    Pfleger wants guns banned from buildings owned by the Archdiocese. He says Cardinal Francis George is on board, but he's running into resistance from a priest leadership group.

    "The Cardinal agrees with me and he thinks it should be a no-brainer in all of our Archdiocese buildings that there be no guns," Pfleger said.

    Pfleger hopes to present the proposal to the priest senate, which initially did not agree because some church members carry guns.

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    He points to a shooting in Phoenix earlier this summer where a homeless man used a gun owned by a priest to kill another priest in the church rectory.

    "We need to send a clear message that as faith healers, and I think that's for the Jewish, the Muslim, the Christians, across the board we should say no guns here," Pfleger said.

    Park Ridge state Sen. Dan Kotowski is currently pushing a proposal that would tweak the new conceal carry law to prohibit guns in places of worship.