ISU Deaths Unrelated, Autopsies Show

Bodies of Allison Zak and John "Cody" Stephens were found separately Thursday Night

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    Autopsies were conducted Friday on Allison Zak and John "Cody" Stephens. The Illinois State University students, both 19, were found in separate residence halls on Thursday night. Officials say the deaths aren't connected and that there's no evidence of foul play. (Published Friday, March 23, 2012)

    The deaths of two Illinois State University students found dead in their dorm rooms Thursday night are unrelated and no foul play is suspected.

    Autopsies were conducted Friday on Allison Zak and John "Cody" Stephens.

    Zak appears to have died from an undiagnosed seizure disorder, the McLean County Coroner's Office said. Separately, Stephens death was the result of a "non-natural process," officials said.

    ISU President Al Bowman said Zak was found by her roommate around 9:30 p.m. in their room in Manchester Hall, while Stephens was found shortly after midnight by his roommate in their Hewett Hall room.

    Zak attended James B. Conant High School in Schaumburg where she played clarinet in the band.

    "Allison was one of the best," said band instructor Kreg Moorehouse. "She was as dedicated to band as she was to her studies. ... She had a bright future, for sure."

    The ISU Police Department and the McLean County Coroner's Office say they will continue to investigating the surroundings of both of the 19-year-olds deaths.