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Cops Called to Cohen Victory Party

Cohen's brother offered a replacement at a good price



    Scott Lee Cohen’s legend continues to grow.

    One partygoer called the cops to Cohen’s primary night victory party at the Palmer House Hilton because someone swiped her $5,000 fur coat, the Sun-Times reports.

    But aides to the former pawnbroker tried to stop her from reporting the incident.

    When Cohen aides "saw I was calling police, they asked me, 'Please don't do that. It's going to cause negative press,'" said Cecili Tomlin, a Cook County medical examiner's autopsy technician told the Sun-Times.

    But the cops did come and searched for the coat that went missing after Tomlin was forced to move it to a ballroom after the hotel coat-check closed at 10 p.m. Police looked over video footage from the hotel but couldn’t find the coat.

    Cohen’s brother Randy, who knows a thing or two about character, said he didn’t believe that she ever had the coat. Instead of joining the search for the fur he offered to sell Tomlin a replacement from one of the Cohen owned pawnshops.

    "I'm not sure she really had a coat there, but I offered to take care of her because I felt bad," Randy Cohen told the paper.  "I offered her a coat at less than cost. For her, I would have charged $500 to $600 for a mink coat."