Blago Gets the Better of Stewart on the Daily Show

"You're a charming dude with the best head of hair I've ever (bleeping) seen"

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    Blago makes the funny.

    Governor Rod Blagojevich may have finally found the perfect outlet for his ridiculous media blitz.

    He took his shenanigans to Comedy Central, and traded one-liners with The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart.

    For the most part the former governor stuck to his script of “it wasn’t me,” but Stewart, a tough interviewer, said he had trouble buying it.

    "I want to believe you. ... You're a charming dude with the best head of hair I've ever (bleeping) seen," Stewart said. "I want (U.S. Attorney) Pat Fitzgerald and the entire city of Chicago's political structure and the entire state of Illinois to somehow be conspiring to (bleep) you in the (bleep) but it's hard to believe."

    “If it‘s true please come back on this show and allow me to hug you,” Stewart said.  “Because … you truly have been destroyed publically and politically in a criminal way and you deserve retribution financially and in every other way.”

    Stewart did his best to keep Blagojevich on the funny – numerous hair jokes were made -- but the former governor, for the most part, controlled the segment and hammered home his message of innocence, by touching on many of the themes in his book "The Governor."

    The governor signed off by calling for the sealed wire tap tapes to be released to the public so that he could be exonerated.

    And Stewart signed off by showing a clip of Blago's Elvis impersonation. Below, part one of the interview (beware the F-bombs!).

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