Lake County Reports Outbreaks of Stomach Bug

There were nine outbreaks in January

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    Lake County health officials are reporting multiple recent outbreaks of a viral illness that causes stomach distress.

    There were nine outbreaks in January of norovirus illness in Lake County. Eight of the outbreaks were in long-term care facilities and the other was in a day-care facility.

    The Lake County Health Department says there were 16 similar outbreaks in all of last year. Norovirus outbreaks are most common during winter months.

    Health officials say the virus is very contagious and can cause vomiting, nausea, cramps and fevers. The illness is often called "stomach flu" or "food poisoning."

    They recommend washing hands for 20 seconds, especially before eating and preparing food.

    Thorough cleaning and disinfecting contaminated surfaces after someone is ill can help stop the virus from spreading to others.