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Illinois Voter Turnout Expected to Be About 50 Percent



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    Voter turnout is expected to be around 50 percent, the state's top election officials said Tuesday.

    Dan White, executive director of the Illinois State Board of Elections, said that 50 percent is "pretty normal" for a midterm election. David Orr, the Cook County Clerk, echoed that sentiment.

    "Fifty percent is typical for midterns for the last twenty plus years," he said. "It may seem busy in some places, and we'd love to beat the  record, but only time will tell."

    During the Blagojevich election four years ago, turnout was 48 percent. In 2002, turnout was 52 percent.

    Some precincts are reporting lines out the door and heavier than normal turnout. One YMCA reportedly ran out of ink for their pens. Full numbers won't be available until all the ballots have been counted.