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Judge Sets Blago Sentencing Date



    Rod Blagojevich has a sentencing date.

    During a Monday morning status hearing, Judge James Zagel set the date for Thursday, Oct. 6.

    Blago: I Fought Hard for the People

    [CHI] Blago: I Fought Hard for the People
    Blagojevich speaks with reporters as he arrives at his Ravenswood home after leaving the courthouse.

    Blagojevich was found guilty about a month ago on 17 of 20 corruption counts, including shaking down Children's Memorial Hospital and trying to sell Barack Obama's Senate seat. Though many of the charges carry 20-year sentences, experts predict he'll serve about 10.

    Is Blagojevich ready for sentencing?  "Of course!  Absolutely! Get it over with!" said attorney Sheldon Sorosky. The former governor "absolutely" will address the judge, Sorosky said. 

    What Can Blago Expect in Prison?

    [CHI] What Can Blago Expect in Prison?
    James Laski, a one-time Chicago City Clerk who spent a year in a West Virginia federal prison, describes prison life and offers some advice for Illinois' convicted governor.

    Sorosky says they will offer other witnesses and try to make a case for Blagojevich's good deeds.

    "He was a good honest governor who tried to help the people of Illinois," he said.

    Blagojevich Clams Up

    [CHI] Blagojevich Clams Up
    The showmanship was gone as Rod Blagojevich appeared in court Friday for his bond hearing.

    After he's sentenced, Blagojevich could be asked by Zagel to surrender immediately, or a set date could be chosen.

    Blagojevich's attorneys pushed for a third trial, following up on a lengthy, 158-page set of motions filed last week. They argued that Zagel stacked the deck in the government's favor, leading to his conviction.