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Why Chicago-Area Skies Will Look Hazy This Week

How long it will last and what else will be affected by it.

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Noticing hazy skies around the Chicago area? It's because of smoke from distant fires. And that's not the only thing those fires will affect in our area this week.

Smoke carried to Illinois on upper level winds from fires out west and in Canada continue to create hazy sunshine, according to the NBC 5 Storm Team.

The week otherwise gets off to a nice start with seasonable high temperatures in the mid-80s by Monday afternoon. A weak lake breeze is expected to develop and cool the lakefront to the upper 70s. Humidity levels will vary from low to moderate.

The Chicago area is in for a hazy Monday evening with little wind and temperatures in the 70s.

Pay attention as the sun goes down. The smoke from fires creates the reddish hue at both sunrise and sunset.

More hazy sun is expected Tuesday with mid- and upper 80s anticipated, but a few spots are likely to reach 90 or 91 degrees.

Clouds will start to increase Tuesday afternoon in advance of a backdoor cold front, causing temperatures to fall 15 to 20 degrees in a matter of a few hours, first in areas closer to the lakefront and then inland later in the evening.  

While a shower or storm is possible with the passage of the front up near Zion and Waukegan, it likely will be limited.

Wednesday brings in a slightly cooler day with low 80s inland, but low to mid 70s along the lakefront with mostly sunny skies. 

The rest of the week warms to the mid- and upper 80s with moderate humidity.  

There’s a chance a few isolated storms could pop up as weak waves cross the area, but coverage would be limited to 20 or 30 percent of the area.

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