You Call This Spring?

Just because they've started playing baseball, doesn't mean Spring has actually unpacked its bags here in Chicago.

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Scott McKee
You can tell that spring is trying to break through Chicago's winter wall, and it's getting there.
John & Tonya Dunsing
In Lake Zurich, a sign is posted to assure us that it's here ... but, the sign is has a layer of snow on it.
Chuck Slana
Daffodils bow to the snowfall, but spring back to life when the snow melts away.
Carol Bielfeldt
And some folks in the Chicago area had a hard time finding the spring in their step as snow coated their yards and decks.
AFP/Getty Images
You would think we should be swinging by now! from Jerry in Braidwood
Seen around dawn today on my monring walk in Geneva, along the Fox River. The poor daffodils looked as if they were trying to hide! Pam Becker St. Charles, IL 630-377-3777
Michelle Cantrall
April 5th 2009, brought an interesting twist to this spring so far.. And the daffodils took in personally. Aurora, IL
It's hard to be patient in April.
Brock Demeter, of North Aurora, led a parade of children and adults distributing palm fronds on Palm Sunday -- the Sunday before Easter in the Christian faith.
The Grimes Familyq
Who would have thought we would wake up one morning in April to craft our very own Snow Bunny. He may not last long, but we will enjoy him while he is here, as we spent what we hope was our last day playing in snow for this part of the year!
Barb Szuba
This picture was taken in my front yard this morning. I thought it was very funny to see easter eggs hanging on my tree in the snow.
Almost Easter?
NBC 6 South Florida
Christoper standing by the Easter Bunny from the Spring Snow
Students at Aurora University gathered to put together Easter baskets.
Michael Paulson
And it's GOT TO BE spring if surfers are able to get into the water at Whiting Park, in Whiting, Ind.
Bryanna Charles
A recent sunset in Bolingbrook. Can we call it a spring sky?
Joe Hahn
Look at all that green! And the bird feeder ... well, they only claimed that ir was squirrel-proof.
Larry Kmiecik
One way to make sure your parking space is secure.
It's a close up of moss. Some things are greening up
Larry Kmiecik
Fungus on the base of a willow tree stump that looks like a 2025 apartment complex.
Cindy Del Castillo
Springtime Mitrophora semilibera mushrooms, growing next to wild chives in fallen oak leaves. Taken on our farm in Sparta, TN (where it's likely more springlike than the Chicago area).
Bill Sander
This was taken Saturday night before the snow --- and it's a SURE sign that it's spring, because that's when Buckingham Fountain is turned on.
Took these pictures from my living room of a relatively small storm cloud moving through as the sun went down. The sun shot from under the clouds --- spring showers? lit up the skyline complete with rainbow. The colors shown in the image are right on. Very orange. Have a nice evening. Rick Richard L. Stiles, DDS, FMACD The Paladin Group 1500 West Monroe Street Suite 425 Chicago, Illinois 60607 (312) 455-0804h (312) 307-8893c (708) 895-0778o (708) 895-1518f
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