Wow! What a Wild Week of Weather!

The calm summer nights were interrupted by some pretty tough storms this week. Check out these viewer weather photos that were featured on NBC5 between August 15 and August 21, 2009.

13 photos
Facebook/Solo En La Republica Dominicana
Taken in McHenry, IL
Cesar A. Sánchez / Diana Victoria
Storm clouds spotted just outside of Freeport, IL
Carlos Rodriguez / Diana Victoria
Sunflower field photographed in Wheeling, IL
Carlos Rodriguez / Diana Victoria
Rainbow over the city
Carlos Rodriguez / Diana Victoria
"This poor baby owl flew into our kitchen window today... knocked itself out for a few seconds, but got up and flew away after a few minutes. This picture is of when he finally "woke up"...He was very surprised to see us I think."
Facebook/Solo En La Republica Dominicana
Family day at the beach with Jake the family dog, who apparently likes to be partially buried in the sand.
Facebook/Solo En La Republica Dominicana
Here's another type of animal picture featuring a snapping turtle.
Getty Images
"Looks like tiny parasols." Taken in Bensenville, IL
Carlos Rodriguez / Diana Victoria
Fungus Wednesday photo from Northern Michigan
Facebook/Solo En La Republica Dominicana
Cloudy weather shot from a viewer in New Lenox
Michelle Hardin
"I live in Streator and the winds came up out of the south all of a sudden! Took out several trees in our neighborhood, including the one that fell on my brand new van. Never park under a tree during a storm!"
Diana Victoria
"These are pictures of the back of our house just north of Elburn, IL where an F1 tornado came through our yard about 6 p.m. Wed. 8-19-09."
Carlos Rodriguez / Diana Victoria
"63rd Street Beach after the rain. 8/18/09"
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