Where’s Winter? Impress Your Friends With These Chicago Weather Stats

What winter? Chicago and its suburbs could see high temperatures into the 60s this weekend into Monday, potentially eclipsing records set as far back as 1880.

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Noel Amadeus Montenegro
Feeling the February warmth? NBC 5 models show a potential high of 62 degrees on Saturday and 59 degrees on Sunday in Chicago. City temps on Monday could reach 62 degrees.
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City temps on Monday could reach 62 degrees -- and potentially higher in the suburbs.
By the end of this unseasonable warm streak, the Chicago area could see eight days in a row above 50 degrees.
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It's been a while since Chicago has seen this kind of warmth so early in the year. A Feb. 17 record high of 60 degrees was last set 137 years ago.
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A Feb. 19 record of 57 degrees was set back in 1933, and the last time the area saw 63 degrees on Feb. 20 was in 1906.
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So where's the snow? This January produced only 0.6 inch of snow when typically we would have seen 5.2 inches by now.
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Through mid-December, the area saw 17.7 inches of snow. Our winter snow total is 18.3 inches, which is 7.3 inches below-average.
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Two years ago we marked the third snowiest February on record thanks to 26.8 inches of snow. It also was the coldest February on record.
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By mid-February standards, you’d be hard pressed to improve on the upcoming string of days ahead. Unseasonable, near record breaking warmth and sunshine headline the forecast.
It's probably a good time to take a stroll and be a tourist in your own town.
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