Photos: Storms Roll Throughout Chicagoland

May 3: NBC Chicago fans submitted their photos of clouds, lightning and hail that came with the storms.

40 photos
Danny Zirkelbach
MAY 6, 2012: Lindenhurst IL
MAY 6, 2012: taken in Kenosha,WI
Viewer photo of lightning in Antioch, Illinois on Sunday, May 6, 2012
Storms are on their way. Picture taken in Rollins Savannah Forest Preserve, Third Lake, IL. Brenda Zeck
Kim Seebach & Kelly Seebach
My daughter, Kelly, took these on her iphone just before noon in Gurnee.
Paige Przybylski
This photo was taken off my cell phone at around 11:20 am in Crystal Lake.
Wadsworth ILnI just stood in my garage snapping my iPhone camera until I caught a lightning strike west of us.
Jennifer Belna
MAY 4, 2012: This cloud formulation, which was playing around with Thursday night's lightning, faced south from Pilsen.
Bill Schmitz
In this photo taken on the Southeast side of Twin Lakes, Wis., the whole storm was able to be captured.
April Jimenez
These heavy clouds rolled over Chicago last night, just before the big storm hit the city.
Ryan V.
This picture of Marengo showed the clarity in the sky and scenery before last night's storm.
Mary Hurley
A streak of lightening passed through the city and over Lake Michigan last night.
Mary Hurley
A large bolt of lightning flashed through the city just as this picture was being taken.
Dana Hughes
This shot was snapped just as the lightning hit the city.
Michael Heimlich
Although the clouds began to get particularly heavy around the time this shot was taken, there was still a calm before the storm at Park Avenue Beach in Highland Park.
Pete from Lemont
Apparently, the hail in Lemont last night was roughly the size of a quarter. Yikes!
Daniel Salifou
This was taken just after the hail storm from a yard in Chicago's Avondale neighborhood.
Chad Williams
The scene was no different in Hoffman Estates near Higgins Rd. and Barrington Rd. Those clouds came in with a vengeance!
Maggie Handler
This bolt of lightning was captured in a picture taken last at 8 p.m. last night in Highland Park.
Karrie Fabricino
This picture taken from a Dekalb parking lot around 7 p.m. last night further proved the severity of the storm that was about to ensue.
Chris Hargreaves
Bolingbrook appeared to be the outlier in Chicagoland as this picture makes the scenery look calm as can be.
Bettina Golwitzer
This photo of a heavy cloud mass over Beach Park foreshadowed into what would happen momentarily.
Karla Gustafson
This photo captured the formulation of clouds in Grayslake just before the storm came.
Philip Schy
The dark clouds over the city last night signified what was coming.
Philip Schy
It was clear what was coming on this overcast day in Chicago when heavy clouds began to formulate.
Kevin Gruber
The ducks on Humboldt Park enjoyed a nice time on the water just before heavy rain hit the suburb.
Rob from Lake in the Hills
Just as the road bends, there appears to be a halo over the clouds.
Jim Altman
The road was clear, but the clouds formulating in the sky indicated what was to soon to come.
Michael Heimlich
The mix of white and grey clouds in the sky signified that there would be some rain following a lovely day in the city.
Michael Heimlich
This picture was taken in the suburbs at dusk right before the storm.
Brittney Rozeboom
This photo taken last night from a parking lot featured an array of colors in the sky in the midst of the storm.
Kitty Shelley
More clouds are shown in this picture, which was taken on the city's North Side.
Jennifer Scott
Although it seemed like the rest of Chicagoland got snubbed by rain, Lake Bluff remained dry despite heavy cloud formations.
Rick Komas
Vibrant pink and orange clouds were painted throughout the sky in Volo.
Stephanie Robinson
The quarter-sized hail balls in Evanston last night proved to be a match for that of the other Chicagoland areas.
Tony Velvoski
Crown Point, Ind. had the same heavy clouds as the rest of Chicagoland. Except these had more aesthetic appeal by featuring a heart-shaped hole with rays of light piercing through.
Grant Bevill
This was taken on Lake Zurich during last night's storm.
Mark Ledinsky
This picture may have captured the calm before the storm, but the clouds began to get more aggressive throughout the night.
Kathleen Page
This picture taken around 8 p.m. on North Avenue Beach last night accurately captures the intensity of the storm.
Dale Tocke II
The firey scene in the sky was taken just before the storm hit Wauconda last night.
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