Spring Snow Shots

It really is spring, but some could have been fooled by the weekend's snowfall. Check out your pictures of (cross your fingers) the season's last snow.

21 photos
"Meow. This can't be real."
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
Snow covered bicycles locked up on Belmont Avenue, Spring just cannot come soon enough.
Daffodil covered with snow.
You thought YOU were surprised by Sunday's snow storm?
Bob Haughey
Springtime in Algonquin
Getty Images
Maybe spring is on the OTHER side of the bridge. Just saw weather report and pictures for this evening and discovered why I had trouble sending you the attached.? Using complete and correct e-mail address this time. Photo taken 3-29-2009 in Downers Grove by Maren Huber Title:? "Indecision"?? (This little duck is standing at the edge of the bridge, not knowing whether to go up and over or down and under.)? A number of friends have seen it and really got a kick out of this image.? Hopefully you feel it will generate enough interest to show as a novelty one evening.
courtesy @deanpotter Instagram
Is this some kind of joke?
courtesy @deanpotter Instagram
Springtime can't be far off.
courtesy @deanpotter Instagram
The buds will bloom ... eventually.
Carol Serani, South Elgin
Can you just picture her (or him) saying, "Do these feathers make me look fat?"
Greg Tropino
Here are some birch trees laden with snow. The far right one snapped off at the top from the weight.
Carol Serani
I've always wanted to capture my own shot of a cardinal in the snow. This guy gave me many opportunities this morning and even brought friends to photograph.
courtesy @deanpotter Instagram
Snow covered view of back yard. Such a beautiful sight.
I was worried when I saw the snow coming down outside my window this morning, but this sunset makes things a little better! Kelly McMillan Valparaiso, IN
Hi. Here are some pictures from our backyard after the latest snow. We got about 4-5 inches. The snow clung to everything making some pretty patterns. Thanks. Roberta Slimko
Greg Tropino
Here are some birch trees laden with snow. The far right one snapped off at the top from the weight.
We got about 4 to 5 inches. The snow clung to everything, making some pretty patterns.
Carrie Dodt
Reflection after a winter storm
Julie T.
Here are some pics taken on the trails at the McHenry Dam.
New Castle County Police Department
Over night storm in Crystal Lake.
Emil Schiavo
Taken at Busse woods, where the Elk are in Elk Grove Village. A lot of robins were flying around because the trees were covered with snow. Then one landed on the deer.
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