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It's Too Early for Flowers

We know what the Mayflower brings



    Heavy Rain & Storms
    Larry Graff
    It's hard to be patient in April.

    Can we force Mother Nature to bring us warmth and green goodness?

    The week started off with a bust in terms of jogging weather and a Sox home opener, but what about our gardens?

    As it turns out, while it might be Cherry Blossom season in our nation's capital, for most plants in this neck of the woods, it's still too early in the year.

    According to Dennis Karas with B.A. Florist & Nursery, leafy vegetables like collards, cabbage, turnip and mustard seeds won't be affected by the colder weather and should be OK.

    "But if you start looking for petunias, geraniums and things like that, it's still too early," Karas said. "Most people in Chicago that have been here a while don't even start planting their flower gardens -- I'm talking about in the ground, now -- until after May 15 to May 30. It's not too early to start preparing your beds, but as far as planting anything, it's still too early."

    Perhaps that's why that little rhyme says, "April showers bring May flowers."