Schaumburg Village Trustee Survives Okla. Tornado

Frank Kozak and his wife, Char, were staying with relatives

A Schaumburg village trustee visiting relatives in Oklahoma got caught in Monday's massive tornado and may have a water heater to thank for saving his life.

Frank Kozak and his wife, Char, were in his brother-in-law's home, alone, when the incredible EF-5 tornado passed through. They headed for the middle of the home and were hit by the toppling water heater. But the weight of that appliance likely held them down and prevented further injury.

"They chose the right spot to be in. I think they should jump on a plane and go to Vegas," Kozak's son, Steve Kozak, told NBC Chicago on Tuesday.

Char Kozak wound up needing staples in her head from her injuries. Her husband suspected he suffered a broken rib in the ordeal.

The home in which they were staying was completely destroyed. The Kozak's new SUV was found in a tree in a neighbor's yard.


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