FLASHBACK: Blizzard of ’67

A look back at one of the worst snowstorms in Chicago history.

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NBC Chicago found old footage of the big Chicago Blizzard of 1967. Here's a look back at this doozy of a deluge.
Only 4 inches was predicted for this seasonal storm, but the white stuff just kept falling--and accumulating. Thousands were stranded in cars on expressways and buses downtown.
It took hours for workers to get home the night the snow started. In some parts of the city, burglars took advantage of the diversion to loot stores.
Chicago saw so much snow that Mayor Richard J. Daley asked for plowing support from anyone who could offer it.
Schools were closed for days and many couldn't get to work. In the end, 23 inches covered the Chicago area in one day.
The Blizzard of 1967 is considered the city's largest single snowfall and is still talked about to this day.
Patsy Watral
Viewer Patsy Watral sent this photo to us of a snowman her father built during the Blizzard of '67.
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