Would You Rather: Late Winter or Early Spring?

We asked Chicago what would they prefer a Late winter or an early Spring.

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Would you rather ... have an early Chicago spring (a la the 60-degree January we saw) or the late winter (with up to 10 inches of snow predicted). We asked, you answered.
Junae Bennett
"I'd like a late winter. It puts a silence on the city," Daniel Campbell from the Southwest Side of Chicago said.
Junae Bennett
"I came here when I was younger, but I'll never get used to the weather," Gabrielle Timothy, originally from California, said.
Junae Bennett
"I'd love an early Spring, most definitely," Tracy from Indiana said.
Junae Bennett
"I like early winter not late winter," Zack Prenkert from Niles, Mich., said.
Junae Bennett
"I'd love an early spring, I very much dislike winter," Nikko Maher from Barrington said.
Junae Bennett
"Late Winter because we don't get a lot of snow in Kentucky," Keenan Vincent from Bowling Green, Ky., said.
Junae Bennett
"Early spring for sure, I just like warm better," Brie Rogy from Peoria said.
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