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Flood Fears Unfounded for Lucky Homeowners

Doom and gloom predictions prove wrong



    Heavy Rain & Storms
    A Chicago park flooded over the weekend, but few homeowners reported related problems in the area.

    Having come to expect the worst, Chicago-area residents are breathing a sigh of relief Tuesday after dodging what could have been damaging flooding in the wake of melting ice and snow in recent days.

    Rivers and creeks in many of the outlying areas rose above or near flood levels, but nearby homeowners reported only minor damage.

    "It didn't get to anybody's houses, but it came darn close," said Capt. Roger Bonuchi of the Plainfield Emergency Management Agency of the DuPage River. "We talked to a lot of scared residents [Sunday] night."

    In fact, a detailed report in the Chicago Tribune, indicates that the fears of homeowners and municipalities across the area proved unnecessary -- at least for now.

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