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Call in Sick, It's Gonna Be 70 Degrees

Tuesday is the closest to summer we've had in a while



    Heavy Rain & Storms
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    Can you see it? Look into the light, summer is coming.

    We are not "officially" sanctioning this, so don't blame if you make the decision to take the day off of work and get in trouble with your boss. We didn't twist your arm.

    But fair warning, Tuesday could very well see the warmest temps Chicago has seen in a long while...and we know you it already crossed your mind to call in sick.

    Temps are forecasted to reach 72 degrees on the high end. (To make sure you sufficiently savor this, we've included a few photo galleries of the brutal winter).

    So, considering the economy, the long, cold winter, the snow you've shoveled and the prospect that Tuesday is the best chance you've got to get a taste of what the summer of 2009 will offer -- if sickness isn't a viable option, we recommend you at least take a long lunch outdoors.

    Enjoy it while you can. As we have learned in Chicago, what goes up must come down.