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Roller Coaster Weather Week Could End With Winter Storm

Totals will largely depend on temperatures, winds and the path the system takes

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The Chicago area is set to see a roller coaster weather week that could culminate in the biggest snow storm of the season so far.

The coldest day of the week is set to arrive Wednesday as temperatures drop below-average for the first time in weeks. Despite sunny skies in the forecast, highs are expected to dip into the 20s for most of the area.

But the cold won’t last long as the warmest day of the week quickly follows.

Thursday will likely see temperatures rising into the upper-40s, possibly near 50 for some locations, amid a cloudy, very windy and wet day.

Things start off warm Friday but temperatures are expected to fall later in the day, making way for a moisture-filled system that could bring several inches of snow to portions of the area.

Wet weather is set to move in Friday night, bringing the potential for an icy mix of freezing rain, sleet and eventually snow.

The system is still developing so details on exactly how much snow remain unclear, though early model predictions indicate several inches of accumulation are possible. Totals will largely depend on temperatures, winds and the path the system takes.

Any deviation in the system’s path could change projected snow totals dramatically, but one thing is clear so far: the system is expected to bring plenty of moisture wherever it goes.

The wet and potentially snowy weather looks to continue throughout the day Saturday and into the evening hours. Highs Saturday stay in the low- to mid-30s.

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