Chicago Forecast

Partly Cloudy Skies, Pleasant Temperatures Expected for Chicago Sunday

Sunday could potentially start out on the cloudy side for the Chicago area, but there should be at least some clearing during the afternoon, paving the way for a sunnier and warmer conclusion to the weekend.

Partly cloudy conditions are still expected through most of the area, but highs will be trending upward on Sunday, reaching into the upper-70s and low-80s across the area.

Things are expected to remain dry most of the day, but there is a possibility of showers and a stray thunderstorm late, according to forecast models.

Monday will likely see more rain and thunderstorms, with cooler temperatures likely arriving behind a front after it moves through the region.

High temperatures will still reach into the mid-to-upper 70s, but the front delivering the rainfall to the region will end up pushing those highs back into the low-70s for Tuesday and Wednesday, according to forecast models.

After another chance for rain on Wednesday, temperatures will once again rebound to more seasonal levels in the upper-70s across the area, but another cool down is possible next weekend, with showers and highs in the 60s currently in the extended forecast for Saturday.

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