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Occasional Funnel Clouds Possible in Parts of Chicago Area Wednesday

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The National Weather Service says that atmospheric conditions in parts of the Chicago area could be favorable for producing short-lived funnel clouds on Wednesday, although forecasters say that it is unlikely that any will touch the ground or cause damage.

Those funnel clouds could happen in several locations, including Kendall County, parts of Cook County and Will County in Illinois. Parts of Lake and Porter counties in Indiana could also see the short-lived twisters.

Those funnel clouds will likely only extend a few hundred feet downward from any storms in the area, and will likely only last a matter of minutes before dissipating.

According to the Weather Service, the clouds aren’t expected to touch down, and likely won’t pose any hazard.

The possibility of thunderstorms does exist in the Chicago area on Wednesday, and showers could continue into Thursday, with some mixed-in snow also possible.

Friday could see more rain, but scattered snow squalls could develop as a cold front moves into the area.

Highs this weekend are only expected to reach into the low-to-mid 40s, below-average for this time of the year.

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