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Farmers' Almanac Predicts ‘Very Flaky' Winter for Chicago

"The Great Lakes region will get its fair share of snow," the almanac states

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"Winter is coming" may not be the words anyone in Chicago wants to hear right now.

But winter is coming and there's a new prediction out for just how cold things could be.

According to the latest prediction from the Farmers' Almanac, which says it bases its long-range forecasts on a “mathematical and astronomical formula” developed in 1818, Chicago and much of Illinois can expect a "cold" and "very flaky" season. But for some in Illinois, above-normal snowfall is also a possibility.

"The Great Lakes region will get its fair share of snow," the almanac states.

Last year, the almanac predicted a so-called "polar coaster," including a "memorable storm" and a cold outbreak in late January and early February.

In an average winter in Chicago, the area sees 36.7 inches of snow. Last winter, there were 39.4 inches, records show. 

Temperatures from December through February averaged 26.4 degrees, just under the typical average of 26.7 degrees. 

Meteorologists often caution against predictions this far in advance, though patterns can sometimes point to seasonal trends for an area. One snowstorm or one polar outbreak can change the outlook dramatically. 

So what does this mean? 

We will likely have to just wait and see. For now, enjoy what’s left of summer, Chicago. 

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