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Chicago's Chilly Temperatures Nearly Set New Record Wednesday

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In 2021, the city of Chicago set an all-time record for its warmest April 27, but this year things are significantly different, as we nearly saw history made in the other direction.

On April 27, 2021, the mercury at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport soared all the way to 87 degrees, setting an all-time record for the date.

This year however, things are significantly colder at the city’s official weather recording site.

According to the National Weather Service, the high temperature at O’Hare only reached 41 degrees on Wednesday, making it one of the chilliest April 27'ths on record.

In fact, the 41-degree high temperature was the lowest high reading the city has seen in at least 63 years, with the National Weather Service’s database only going back to 1959 at the airport.

The lowest high temperature ever recorded in Chicago (records generally date back to the 1870’s or later) on April 27 came all the way back in 1934, when a high of 39 degrees was recorded.

The average high temperature on April 27 in Chicago is just under 64 degrees, officials said.

In case you need more of a reason to despise the high temperature on Wednesday, consider this: the low temperature on April 27, 2021 clocked in at 50 degrees, nearly 10 degrees warmer than this year’s high.

Fortunately for city residents, things are expected to slowly improve on the temperature front, with readings moving back toward normal levels by the weekend. That will come with a threat of thunderstorms on Saturday, but Sunday will likely be mostly dry and cloudy, with a high in the mid-60s.

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