Chicago Forecast

Chicago Forecast: Sunny Skies, Less Humidity Expected Sunday

The heat that the Chicago area has seen in recent days will stick around Sunday, but conditions will be decidedly less muggy, as lower dewpoints and sunny skies are in the forecast to wrap up the weekend.

Saturday brought at least a bit of relief in some areas, with thunderstorms popping up through a large portion of the Chicago area. That rain will likely be the last the region will see until at least Thursday, according to forecast models, paving the way for much drier conditions to take hold.

Dew points are expected to plunge into the 50s on Sunday and then into the 40s on Monday, making for a much-less humid situation for area residents.

High temperatures will still reach into the mid-to-upper 80s through most of the area, with some cities further away from Lake Michigan cracking 90 degrees. Areas in close proximity to the lake will benefit from lake breezes, which will keep temperatures around the 80-degree mark.

Monday will see a similar story, with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 80s and very few clouds developing.

By Tuesday temperatures are expected to cool into the upper-70s and low-80s, but will rebound Thursday as a storm system moves its way through the region. Hot and humid conditions are expected Thursday and Friday, along with the chance for showers and thunderstorms, but that front will clear the area by Saturday, giving way to much more pleasant conditions for Father’s Day weekend.

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