Chicago Forecast

Chicago Forecast: Mostly Cloudy Skies, Occasional Flurries Possible

The Chicago area can expect to see plenty of cloudy skies and gloomy conditions on Sunday, with occasional snow flurries and a few sprinkles of rain in areas closer to Lake Michigan.

According to current forecast models, the precipitation will come in several waves, starting with a wave of moisture on Sunday morning and then another on Sunday afternoon. None of the rain or snow is expected to accumulate, however.

In the late evening and into the overnight hours, those flurries and light rain showers could expand away from the lake, but no accumulation is expected from that either.

Otherwise, Sunday will be a mostly cloudy day throughout the region, with high temperatures in the mid-to-upper 30s, according to forecast models.

As the new work week begins, dry conditions are once again expected, and temperatures will slowly begin to warm. Highs could potentially approach 50 degrees by Wednesday and into Thursday, with the next chance of precipitation showing up in the forecast for Friday.

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