Northwest Indiana

Air Quality Alert Issued in NW Indiana Ahead of Summer-Like Temperatures

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NBC Bay Area

The National Weather Service has issued an air quality alert for several northwestern Indiana counties, as elevated ozone levels could potentially prove hazardous for sensitive individuals.

The alert, issued for Lake and Porter counties, will go into effect at midnight and will expire at midnight Saturday morning, according to the National Weather Service.

During an air quality action alert, residents are urged to stay inside when possible, especially if they have respiratory conditions or other health problems.

Residents are also asked to minimize use of items that increase pollution, including cars, gas-powered lawn mowers and other vehicles. Residents are also asked not to burn items on days when the alerts are in effect.

Generally, air quality alerts are issued when warm temperatures are forecast, and highs are expected to rise into the mid-to-upper 80s over the next several days in northwest Indiana. Calmer wind conditions can also allow elevated ozone levels to linger in the air, and wind speeds are only expected to reach around 10 miles per hour Friday.

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